Scarlatti’s Magical Hands

On 18 September, we had our very first Children’s Concert ‘Scarlatti’s Magical Hands’ and it was a great success!

The guest harpsichordist Masumi Yamamoto drove up from London with her Italian model harpsichord made by Andrew Wooderson.

Asuka and Masumi gave an interactive short concert under the theme of Animals in Music using big-screen projection, which featured H.I.F. Biber’s Sonata Representativa in which violinist is asked to explore different technique and imagination to mimic birds, animals and other musical instruments. Children learnt how to conduct tripre metre with their magical baton using La Folia by Corelli as an example of baroque dance.

It was a great joy to see the excitement and smiles on their faces. And so many enthusiastic questions afterwards!

We will definitely do another one again in near future!

Big shoutout to Leeds Inspired via Leeds City Council for their generous support that made us possible to do this event!


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