Travelling Musicians

Are you missing travelling overseas? In such a travel deprived time, I would like to take you to the musical journey throughout Europe, from South to North. Have you ever imagined how it was like to travel in the 17th century Europe before the advent of rails? It should not have been so easy evenContinue reading “Travelling Musicians”

The Concert

Since I was asked by my friend about the picture on the flyer of our upcoming concert, here is all about it. It’s ‘The Concert’ by Gerrit (Gerard) van Honthorst (1592-1656), a Dutch Golden Age painter. Musicians are happily singing and playing a violin, a violone(?), a lute and a cittern, sit around the partContinue reading “The Concert”

What is ‘Baroque’?

The English word baroque comes directly from the French (as the modern standard English-language spelling might suggest). Some scholars state that the French word originated from the Portuguese term barroco (“a flawed pearl”), other sources suggest a Medieval Latin term used in logic, baroco, as the most likely source.*1 In the 16th century, the Medieval Latin word ‘baroco’ moved beyond scholastic logic and came intoContinue reading “What is ‘Baroque’?”